Stroboscopic Effect


Wagon Wheel Effect

The Wagon Wheel Effect | Optical Illusion Science Experiment (4:17)

Stroboscopic Effect

The stroboscopic effect occurs when a flashing strobe light periodically lights up an object. The motion of the object between flashes is invisible, and the object is only visible when the light flashes.

This effect also shows up when recording. If a camera is recording at 30 frames per second (fps), it takes 30 pictures per second. If the movement in the scene occurs at the same frequency, or an exact multiple of the frequency, there will be no movement visible.

ATR-72-500 – Stroboscopic Effect/Wagon-Wheel Effect During Takeoff (1:24)

Camera Shutter Speed and Frame Rate Match Helicopter’s Rotor (0:27)

Mi-24 Rotor Blades Not Spinning (0:48)


Stroboscopic Effect with Power Washer (0:32)

The rpm of my pressure washer matched the cameras fps.
byu/Mirage206 inoddlysatisfying

Stroboscopic Effect: Train Speed Matches Camera Frame Rate (Otrain, OLRT Ottawa) (1:38)

Strobe Light Woodturning (2:12)

Stroboscope: Mill (0:38)

Stroboscopic Effect in Action (0:13)

Stroboscopic effect in action.
byu/Kryptic_Duck inblackmagicfuckery


Zoetropes Create 3D Illusions Using Light ()

Collector’s Zoetrope (0:17)

PIxar’s Zoetrope (2:00)

Ghibli Museum Zoetrope (0:21)

Zoetropes can also be 3D printed.

Meet The First 3D Printed Zoetrope… That Creates 3D Motion (1:03)

This Is a 3D Printed Light Zoetrope (1:00)