From Proficiency Scale to Percentage


This is the procedure from converting your grades from proficiency scale (emerging, developing, proficient, extending) to a percentage.

Curricular competencies (skills) are 60% of your mark, and content is 40%.

  1. For each curricular competency (skill), look at your marks for the year. Weighing later assignments more heavily, assign a number for the skill. 1 represents emerging, and 4 represents extending.
  2. Repeat step 1 for all of the content areas.
  3. Find the average mark for skills (out of 4), and the average mark for content (out of 4).
  4. Multiply your skills mark by 15 to get a mark out of 60.
  5. Multiply your content mark by 10 to get a mark out of 40.
  6. Add together the two products to get your final mark as a percentage.