School Garden Resources

Funding Sources

Farm to Cafeteria Canada, who provided the grant that paid for most of our garden, including the new greenhouse.

PC Children’s Charity school grants

Whole Kids Foundation

BCAA Play Here

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, which runs the Fresh to You fundraiser and has a large recipe database.

Carton 2 Garden, a great resource for growing plants in used food cartons.

Breakfast Club of Canada

Skills Link, part of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy (YES).

Resources for Vancouver Schools

Vancouver Food Policy Council, an agency of the City of Vancouver that aims to improve food sustainability.

City of Vancouver food programs

Nutrition Services for Vancouver Schools, run by Vancouver Coastal Health.

Dieticians of Canada

BC Ministry of Agriculture

THESA, the Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association, are Home Economics educators in BC.

UBC Farm Community Workshops

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Tree Canada

Community Food Centres of Canada

Fresh Roots

4H Canada

Interesting Garden, Farm, and Food Projects and Resources

LifeCycles Project, operating in Victoria, BC.

Growing Minds Farm to School, operating in Asheville, NC

Seed Change

Bokashi, an anaerobic composting technique.

Apprenti en Action

Department of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Delta Farmers

Cowichan Green Community

Graines de Chefs

Sweetgrass, a sacred plant in Aboriginal ceremonies.

Seed saving with Sarah Bradshaw

Vancouver Urban Micro, a great resource for growing microgreens.

The Tower Garden, a vertical growing tower.

USDA Food Composition Database

Sole Food Farms

Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute

Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association

Physics Contests and Associations

UBC Physics Olympics (yearly, in March).

UBC MiniMed School (yearly, in October/November).

BC Association of Physics Teachers

BC Green Games, sponsored by Science World (yearly, in March).

Junior Physics and Engineering Challenge, at Kwantlen (yearly, in April).

Canadian Association of Physicists Art of Physics photograph contest (yearly, March 14, 2018, to May 4, 2018).

Davidson Institute of Science Education Safe Cracking Contest (yearly, October to March). Physics Contest

Metro Vancouver Physics Circle, sponsored by UBC.

Physics Websites

Mr. Hengeveld’s old Physics 11 and Physics 12 websites from 2011 have been invaluable in helping me to plan my courses. Note that not all topics that Mr. Hengeveld covered in his notes will be covered in my courses. Similarly, not all topics in my courses are covered in Mr. Hengeveld’s notes.

For the Science 8 unit on waves, light, and sound, I relied heavily on ideas from Fizzics Education, particularly the wave demonstrator, the straw flute, the coathanger gong, and the slinky laser sounds.

Vancouver School Board Rules and Procedures

The VSB policy manual has many of the district-wide policies that we must follow in the classroom.

There are two VSB policies on pets in the classroom.

The first VSB pet policy was written in 1984. It states that the animals must not roam free, must not be left in school during holidays, that the enclosure must be kept sanitary, and that all refuse involving the animal must “be removed using gloves, double-bagged in plastic, and placed in the appropriate receptacle”.

The second VSB pet policy was written in 1998. It states that pets can enrich the curriculum, but must not be a danger, a health hazard, or an impediment to teaching.


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