Introduction to Momentum

Learning Intention

  • Learn what momentum means (in the world of physics).
  • Learn how an external force can cause a change in momentum.

Definitions and Formulas

  1. Momentum can be thought of a measure of how hard it is to _____________________ a moving object.
  2. Linear (straight-line) momentum is defined as:
    1. The greater the mass, the _____________________ the momentum.
    2. The greater the velocity, the _____________________ the momentum.
  3. An impulse is defined as a _____________________ applied to an object over time, resulting in a change in _____________________.This is shown as:
    1. Note that Fnet is probably not going to be _____________________ over time.
  4. Theory of _____________________ of Momentum:In a collision in an isolated system, momentum is always _____________________.
    1. An isolated system is a system in which there are no ___________________ ___________________.
  5. Proof:
    1. We look at what happens when a ball hits another ball
    2. According to Newton’s 3rd Law, when 2 objects interact they exert ________________ and ________________ reaction forces:
    3. The impulse exerted on each object is calculated using ________________
    4. And therefore