Magnet Scams


There are lots of scams claiming to use magnets to heal various ailments. One of the most common is bracelets containing a magnet.

The video below is fairly accurate, and notes that there is no conclusive evidence of magnet bracelets doing anything.

How do magnetic bracelets work? (2:13)

This next video makes very extravagant claims about the health benefits. It also cites some medical research in a very misleading way.

What are the benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelet? (2:09)

Two studies are mentioned in the previous video.

  1. Tao at the APS March meeting, related to blood viscosity and pressure
  2. A study using dTMS, resulting in weight loss

Can you find the original studies? Why do these studies not provide evidence that magnet bracelets work?

This news report does a good job of explaining how the scam works, and does a pretty good job running a science experiment disproving the magnetic bracelet.

Balance Test Scam. Watch how they fool people with this simple party trick (5:47)

Lastly, the balancing trick is in fact an application of torque/moments.

Fraud Alert! It’s a trick! Balance and Strength Test (2:11)

Sadly, there are legitimate doctors that promote this scam. Notice that this doctor is very careful (for legal reasons) to say that he is not providing a cure or treatment for anything.

Dr. Stephen Stokes – Magnets for Healing (13:24)