Standing Waves

Longitudinal standing waves on a spring (4:58 – first 1:00 only)

Can you see the nodes and anti-nodes in the following video?

Standing longitudinal waves (2:50 – start at 2:03)

Standing Wave Demo: Slinky (3:38 – watch from 1:25 to 2:25) – note how you can see the wave transmits somewhat from the spring to Parker, the person on the right.

Physics Girl – Standing Waves on Chladni Plates (4:19)

Making standing waves (4:42 – watch first minute only)

A perfect standing wave on a computer controlled wave pool (0:47)

Water Standing Wave 1 — xmdemo 075 (1:16)

Standing Fire Wave (1:07) – also known as a Rubens Tube

Surfers will often surf on what they call “standing waves”, but these are fundamentally different from the “standing waves” caused by interference with reflected waves. It is impossible to surf a Physics-type standing wave, as the wave would either be entirely stationary (at a node), or constantly moving up and down (at an anti-node).

River Surfing – Surfing a standing wave on the Eisbach, Munich, Germany (2:07)