Magnitude 7.1 earthquake violently rocks tourists on boat in Mexico (0:27)

Buildings Swaying 9.1 Earthquake – Scary Footage [Historical Speeches TV] (4:50)

Nepal Earthquake – Visible Lateral Ground Movement (3:04 – watch from 1:15 to 2:25)

Tokyo Earthquake – Mori Tower 52nd Floor (11/3/2011) (1:43 – watch first 0:55 only)

These videos show a 5.5 quake shaking Northern California (0:34)

How a Seismograph Works (1:04)

World’s Largest Earthquake Test (2:27)

Around the Pacific Rim, buildings need to be constructed to withstand the forces of an earthquake. In Taipei, Taiwan, the Taipei 101 building uses a tuned mass damper to help minimize the swaying of the building when exposed to earthquakes or high winds.

The Taipei 101 stabilizing ball during the 6.8 earthquake in Taiwan (September 18, 2022) (1:37)

A tuned mass damper can be used in all sorts of other applications that feature a rhythmic force being applied.

The Hoverglide Floating Backpack (0:32)

The Taipei 101 building survived an earthquake during construction.

Earthquake Rocks World’s Tallest Skyscraper – Taipei 101 (0:26)

If you are intersted in learning more about the Taipei 101, this video provides a good overview.

The Wonders of Taipei 101: A Skyscraper Like No Other (4:26)