Learning Intentions

  • To learn how some common instruments create sound.


Natural Frequency

Every object has a natural frequency at which it will vibrate if struck.

Measured Workshop – The Kalimbatone – Chromatic Kalimba (21:10 – watch from 18:25 to 19:15)

Switch and Lever – Make the Simplest Kalimba Ever (6:35)


Magnet Tricks – Making Magnetic Kalimba ~ Musical Experimentation (2:09)



String Instruments

In string instruments, you can change the natural frequency of each string by adjusting the tension in the string.

Bowed Violin String in Slow Motion (2:59)

Slow Motion Guitar Strings (Raw Footage) (1:54)


Guitar Strings – Slow Motion World (1:59)

Seven Nation Army with a Bungee Cord (0:36)

My friends and I were packing up from a camping trip, music was created, via bungee chord, and magic ensued…
byu/Jaydoso infunny

Justin Johnson – Crankin’ Up the 3-String Shovel Guitar! (3:23)

Ukulele – Jason Mraz – I’m Yours (1:32)


Wind Instruments

Wind instruments work by adjusting the size and shape of a column of resonating air.

GoPro Music: David Finlayson’s Trombone Silliness (2:15)


Other Instruments

Wikipedia article for the Theremin

Peter Pringle – Theremin – Over The Rainbow (3:05)

Leon Theremin Playing His Own Instrument (1:32)