Relative Motion

UC Davis Tour Treadmill (2:13)

Two People Try To Climb An Escalator The Wrong Way and Fail (0:38)

Stubborn Cat Insists On Trying To Go Up Wrong Way On Escalator (1:04)


Endless Pool Demo (0:46)


Incredible head stabilization by Falcon and stationary hovering. (0:31)


Bird of prey in stationary flight and attacking in the Canary Island (0:10)

Scary Plane Crosswind Landings Compilation (5:23 – stop after 1:25)

Moving Truck Landing! (5:08 – watch from 1:55 to 2:45)

Ok Go – Here It Goes Again (3:05)

When fish are swimming upstream, their velocity relative to the water can be very large. If the stream is flowing quickly, the fish’s velocity relative to the ground will be very small.

Grizzly bear catches a fish (0:15)

A football thrown on the ISS is not moving very fast relative to the ISS, but it is moving very fast relative to the Earth.

Football Pass ‘Travels’ 564,664 Yards On Space Station (2:03)

In the following video, both planes are moving very fast, but the relative velocity between them is much smaller.

Aerial Refueling NIGHTMARE (18:15 – watch from 3:39 to 5:18)

A newer design uses a “boom pod” with wings that is controlled from the fuel plane.

U.S. Air Force: In-flight Refueling Specialist – Keeping Aircraft Aloft (2:41 – watch to 1:20)