Thursday, April 4 – Electromagnetism

Shape of the Day

  • Attendance: random seats
  • Astrophysicist gets magnets stuck up nose while inventing coronavirus device
  • Return in-class momentum assignment
  • Will return rest of assignments over the week
  • Go over homework – Worksheet – Electromagnetism
  • Electromagnet activity in groups of 3
    • Measure N and L for your electromagnet
    • Measure the resistance of the wire
    • Calculate the strength of the magnetic field, if the current is 2.5 A
    • Calculate the power used, if the current is 2.5 A
      • P = I²R (twinkle, twinkle, little star, power equals I squared R)
    • Calculate the length of wire used
    • Calculate the volume of copper used in the wire
    • Calculate the cost of the copper used ($4.6 per kg, 8.96 g/cm³)
    • Calculate the volume of iron used in the core
    • Calculate the cost of the iron used ($1.67 per kg, 7.874 g/cm³)
    • Calculate the cost of building your electromagnet (iron and copper) per Tesla generated
  •  Wrap-up