Shape of the Day – Physics 12 2023-24

Monday, February 5 – Introduction to Physics 12

Shape of the Day

  • Attendance: random seats
    • Everyone: Introduce yourself to the classmate beside you – preferred name and pronoun
    • One at a time: Introduce your partner to the class
  • Physics 12 Course Outline 2023-24
  • Introduction to Egg Drop Project
    • Random groups of 2 people
    • Protect an egg using only aluminum foil
    • Will begin next week
  • BC Physics 12 Curriculum
    • As a class, read core competency: Questioning and Predicting
    • Discuss: How you can show this competency in your course work?
    • Discuss: What would proficient and extending look like?
    • Submit your answers (one per group) as a text document on Teams (not a picture)
    • Discuss as a class
  • Introduction to Conservation of Momentum Lab
    • Random groups of 2
    • Tuesday: Collect data (objects crashing)
    • Wednesday: Collect and analyze data (bring a computer if you can)
    • Thursday: Analyze data (bring a computer if you can)
    • Friday: Lab due
  • Wrap-up
    • Today: submit your core competency answers on Teams
    • Friday: Conservation of Momentum Lab due
    • Monday, February 12: start egg drop project