Thursday, March 7 – Midterm Project Part 1B

Shape of the Day

    • Attendance – sit where you want
    • Fire drill during FIT block
      • Evacuate to field by the pool
      • Stay with your 3rd period teacher
      • If 3rd period spare, stay at command centre
    • Think of real-world projectile motion applications for assignment next week
    • Individual Midterm Project Part 1B – Kinematics Experiment
      • If data is not yet collected, input fake data into Excel and create your graphs
      • Thursday: Work day with MacBooks
      • Monday, March 11: Work day in computer lab (room 216)
      • Wednesday, March 13: Lab write-up due
    • ¬†Wrap-up
      • Next Wednesday: Kinematics lab due
      • Think about real-world projectile motion applications