Monday, April 6

Hi students!

I hope that you and your family are in good health, and are staying safely socially distant.

Since in-class learning is suspended indefinitely, I will be using Teams to communicate with students in my classes. Teams can be accessed from Your username is [email protected], and the password is the password you use to log onto school computers.

If you are having any problems accessing Teams, please contact me by email to let me know.

I am still waiting to hear exactly what requirements and expectations there will be around classes, assignments, and homework. Once I know that information, I will send it out to you on this channel (“General”) in the class Team.

If you would like to chat or publicly ask a question, you can do so in the “Chit Chat CafĂ©” channel. If you type @ followed by a name, you can notify students and teachers that there is a message for them.

Stay safe,

Mr. Renwick