Thursday, April 2

Current Status

Over the past couple of days, everyone should have been contacted by their homeroom teacher, so that Templeton has an email address where we know that teachers can contact you.

You should reply to the email as soon as possible, and by Friday (tomorrow) at 9 a.m. by the latest.

The VSB has put up a video about a day in the STEM 9 classroom. Check it out! The VSB is also still providing lunches, so if you need a lunch you can still get a bagged lunch to go.

Next Steps

Everyone at the school has been working hard all week to figure out how to deliver online classes. Today, we received a set of broad instructions, which stated that we “should  not try to replicate what we do in our schools and classrooms”. This is a relief to me, because I do not know how science students would be able to run experiments and collect data without access to any of the necessary tools and materials. Furthermore, “continued learning opportunities” is only the 4th most important principle guiding the VSB’s response. In order, the priorities are:

1. Ensure the health and safety of students, staff and communities

2. Communicate thoughtfully, transparently and in a timely manner

3. Provide connections to ensure students feel valued and have a sense of belonging and community

4. Continued learning opportunities so that all students can successfully transition to their next phase of learning

What class looks like will vary from teacher to teacher. The VSB has been providing training to teachers with giving assignments in Microsoft Teams.

Lastly, we have been told to keep in mind that students “may have less time to do their schoolwork, not more”, and that we should “not expect students to do the same amount of work they would have done if you would have
had them face-to-face with you”.

COVID-19 Update

BC’s Provincial Health Officer (PHO) says there is evidence that our social distancing measures have begun to “flatten the curve” of infection, but the number of cases is still increasing daily.