March 30, 2020

There is an important message from Suzanne Hoffman, Superintendent of the VSB, where she says that we are “going one week at a time, as circumstances evolve”. Some important quotes:

Hoffman hopes on Wednesday and Thursday (April 1 and 2), staff will begin to touch base with students and families about what resources parents will need, and whether anything should be picked up from their child’s school.

“We will then arrange for times – in small groups – for individuals to come into schools to pick up what it is that they need in order to have learning resources at home and at their fingertips,” she adds.

Hoffman says teachers will then start to plan, which will take time. School staff will also begin reaching out to students who usually access basic nutrition through meal plans at schools. Those students, who are amongst the most vulnerable, will be able to pick-up a meal at their school.

The Templeton School staff had an online staff meeting today using Microsoft Teams, and discussed a bit about how we can teach our classes online.

If you have a device with Internet access, you may want to get familiar with Teams, because it looks like it will be a big part of how teachers at Templeton will be sending/receiving assignments to/from students.

Mass communication to parents will be done through MyEdBC, and also available at the Templeton website.

Update: Here is a link to Microsoft’s documentation to help students use Teams.