March 22, 2020

COVID-19 update:  Mike Judge, creator of King of the Hill, demonstrates social distancing. It has been nice to see people in Vancouver mostly following the guidelines, staying at least 6 feet away from each other, in checkout lines and walking around on the sidewalk. It is important to remember that the effect of social distancing won’t be seen for about 2 weeks, as most of the people who are testing positive today were likely infected one to two weeks ago.

Italy is now the epicentre of the pandemic, with over 700 new deaths yesterday. They are locking down the country even further, including the following measures:

But the Italian government appears intent on making more or less everyone stay in doors as much as possible at any cost.

Police squads in Rome were checking documents and fining those outside without a valid excuse.

Those who were out shopping were forced to wait in line at the entrance to make sure the store was filled with only a handful of people at a time.

Those who were out jogging were asked to limit their runs to laps around the block.

And those who were out for a walk were fined if they broke the rules and wandered into a park or stopped to take pictures of historic scenes of a city without any people.

In the UK, the PM is saying that they are only a “matter of weeks-two or three-behind Italy”.

Canada is likely on a similar trajectory, although we have more warning, so our social distancing and health care system preparations have more time to work.