Tuesday, February 25

Students should have brought in a container to re-use (upcycle) as a planter. In groups of 2, do the following:

  • If wanted, add drainage holes to the bottom.
    • Pros: Water drains more easily from the planter. If you over-water, the excess water will mostly drain out.
    • Cons: You need a tray underneath the planter to catch the draining water, or the planter must be placed outside.
  • Add a 3 cm deep layer of gravel from the big pile in the garden.
  • Add topsoil from the big pile in the garden. The pile is half manure and half topsoil – the manure does not work nearly as well for growing plants!
  • Take pictures of your process to show to the class.

Fill out the form about which plants you want to grow. There are pictures here.

If there is extra time, do the “Bonus Lessons & Quizzes” from KidsBoostImmunity.com.