Tuesday, February 25

Go gardening outside and clean up the square planters along the wall near Adanac St. There are about 6 grouped together on the East end of the garden, and about 6 more spread out along the West side.

  • If there are dead plants, put them in the compost bins.
  • If there are living plants, temporarily transplant them to a plastic container.
  • Remove all the old, nutrient-poor soil and put it in the compost bins.
  • Keep the gravel at the bottom of the planters for drainage.
  • If the plastic sheeting is poorly done, staple it in place better (stapler in STEM room)
  • Re-fill the planters with soil from pile. One side of the pile is topsoil, the other is manure. Try to use mostly topsoil.
  • Re-plant any of the living plants that were temporarily moved to the plastic container.
  • Take pictures! 1 student should be the documentarian with an iPad.