Tuesday, February 4

There is a request to participate in a Templeton student’s Science Fair project by completing an online survey. Parental consent is required.


Hand in the 25 Question Geometry worksheet.
Hand in the 20 Question Geometry and Algebra worksheet.
Finish tabulating Pascal answers for one year in the Excel OneDrive document. Look in your Outlook inbox, at [email protected], for your invitation to edit the document.


Share with Mr. Renwick the document describing what you contributed to your group’s PlantKeeper Project. Mr. Renwick will review each group’s code in-class.
If required, share with Mr. Renwick your purchasing requirements for the Fix-Up-STEM project.

Homework: Fix-Up-STEM project due on Thursday,  February 13. Materials will be bought tomorrow (Wednesday), and Thursday, Monday, and Wednesday will be dedicated to construction.