Chapter 1 - Dead or Alive - What is Life?  

 Chapter 2 - Bacteria Growth  

 Chapter 3 - Infectious Disease  

 Chapter 4 - Diphtheria

Search for all people with the name O’Mara buried in Saint Mary’s Cemetary in Kansas, USA. You may need to use lowercase when you search.

 Find-a-Grave – Saint Mary’s Cemetary in Kansas, USA

 Diphtheria, the O’Marra Family, and the Rest of the Story

 Reported Diphtheria Cases in Canada

Reported Diphtheria Cases in Canada

 Immunize BC – Diphtheria

 The Tetanus and Diphtheria (Td) Vaccine


 Chapter 5 - Guinea Worm  

 Chapter 6 - Measles  

 Chapter 7 - Protecting Against Viruses and Bacteria  

 Chapter 8 - Onion Cell Lab