Chapter 1 – Introduction to Magnetism

 Worksheet – Introduction to Magnetism

 Worksheet Solutions – Introduction to Magnetism

 Earth’s Poles Will Eventually Flip, So What Then?

 The Strong Magnet In My Finger

 Hack Me – The Girl With Magnetic Fingers

 Implanting Circadia 1

 I Have a Magnet Implant In My Finger

 Scientists Blow Up Lab With Strong Magnetic Field

 1200 Tesla Magnetic Field

 Chapter 2 – Auroras

 Aurora Kp Map of North America

 Aurora Australis

 Night of the Northern Lights

 Chartered Plane Flies Through The Southern Lights

 Chapter 3 – MRI Machines

 What’s the Difference Between an MRI and a CT

 My First MRI

 How MRI Machines Work

 Dangers of MRI

 How Dangerous Are Magnetic Items Around An MRI Machine

 Chapter 4 – Electromagnetism

 Worksheet – Electromagnetism

 Worksheet Solutions – Electromagnetism

 Right and Left Hand Rules

 What Oersted Discovered With His Compass

 Chapter 5 – Induction

 The Lorentz Force

 How DC Motors Work