Work, Energy, and Power

 Chapter 1 – Green Energy Project

 Green Energy Project Marking Rubric

 Chapter 2 – Introduction to Rube Goldberg Devices

 Rube Goldberg – Honda Ad – Cog

 Rube Goldberg – The Making of Honda Cog

 Rube Goldberg – Magnets and Marbles

 Rube Goldberg – The Blue Marble

 Chapter 3 – Rube Goldberg Device Rubric

 Worksheet – Rube Goldberg Device Rubric

 Chapter 4 – Introduction to Work, Power, and Energy

 Worksheet – Introduction to Work, Energy, and Power

 Worksheet Solutions – Introduction to Work, Energy, and Power

 Long Qingquan (U56kg) 160kg Clean & Jerk

 Saikhom Mirabai Chanu (U48kg) 109kg Clean & Jerk

 Winners of the weightlifting competition in the 1980 Olympics

 Chapter 5 – Types of Energy

 Worksheet – Types of Energy

 Worksheet Solutions – Types of Energy

 F1 Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) 2009

 Chapter 6 – Virtual Lab – Conservation of Energy

 Lab – PhET Skate Park – Conservation of Energy

 Chapter 7 – Lab – Pendulum

 Kid with Bowling Ball Pendulum

 Bowling Ball Pendulum Gone Wrong

 Lab – Pendulum

 Chapter 8 – Rube Goldberg Project Reflection

 Worksheet – Rube Goldberg Energy Calculations and Reflections