Dynamics Unit – Overview

This unit will be the first that you are allowed to choose the biomedical physics stream, or the pure physics stream.

I am currently building my notes for the unit, but they will be strongly based on Mr. Hengeveld’s old notes.

I am including 2 sets of Mr. Hengeveld’s old notes below. The first set of notes includes lots of material that the biomedical physics team does not need to know.

Mr. Hengeveld’s notes – Dynamics.pdf

The second set of notes is divided into many sections. Students in the biomed stream will need to know all of parts 1, 2, and 3. They will also need to know pages 1-3 of part 4. In class, we will be discussing what students in the pure physics stream will be doing.

There are 5 practice tests with solutions (parts 8-12), so there are plenty of practice problems if you are having trouble with a particular type of problem.

1 – Formative assessment – Newton’s Laws.pdf

2 – Newton’s 3 Laws.pdf

3 – Free-body diagrams.pdf

4 – Friction.pdf

5a – Friction Lab.pdf

6 – Rolling Friction Lab.pdf

7 – Multibody Problems.pdf

8a – Provincial Practice – Dynamics.pdf

8b – Provincial Practice Solutions – Dynamics.pdf

9a – Dynamics Test.pdf

9b – Dynamics Test Solutions.pdf

10 – Dynamics Test Solutions 2.pdf

11 – Dynamics Test Solutions 3.pdf

12a – Dynamics Test.pdf

12b – Dynamics Test Solutions.pdf